Juniper Lane Swim Club is celebrating it's 60th
                year in 2015
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The Juniper Lane Swim Club, located on Juniper Lane in Bridgewater Township NJ, just off Country Club Rd is a member owned (bond issue) non-profit, private swimming & social club that is open daily Memorial Day through Labor day each year.

You'll enjoy grilling out, our special events, and all the amenities we have to offer, so near to home, and the kids will love having their friends and many other children of all ages around to play in the pool and around the club with. Compare the cost to a few weekends at the beach and you will be astonished what a bargain joining Juniper Lane Swim Club is. 

Organized as a family club, we offer flat rate memberships regardless of family size. 
We offer a few different membership options:

Full Summer Memberships

Bond Memberships - Juniper Lane Swim Club has up to 140 bonded memberships. Each membership covers one household regardless if individual, couple, or a family.  As a bonded member you will enjoy all the club's amenities, and membership the bond holder one member vote on club matters and elections.  Bonded members may participate on the club's Board of Governors, or on Board appointed committees.

Bond memberships are offered as they become available through member attrition.  If a bond is available we will offer you a bond membership as the board membership committee approves your application to the swim club.   We maintain, as needed, a waiting list to convert from non-bonded to bonded as membership levels require.  If no bonds are available at the time you apply to JLSC, we will offer you a non-bond membership for the current year.

Non-Bond Memberships - JLSC understands that not everyone wants to commit to a bond immediately.  We offer up to 40 non-bonded household memberships as enrollment levels permits.  Non-Bond holding members do not have voting rights regarding club matters or in club elections, but are welcome to all functions, and to take benefit of the other opportunities we offer our bonded membership.  We will be happy to offer you an initial non-bond membership.

We believe that your family will enjoy being a part of Juniper Lane so much that you will choose to convert to bonded membership with Juniper Lane in the near future.  You can convert to bonded membership on availability. The waiting list is usually about one year, but can be longer.

Partial Summer Memberships

Swim Team Memberships - Our swim team (competition) membership runs from Memorial Day weekend thru the end of July and perfectly coincides with the swim team's season.  This plan is for families whose children want to be on the swim team with their friends, but cannot be with us thru August.

So come spend June weekends with us until school lets out, then enjoy access full time until July ends.  The kids get to improve their swim skills and compete on the team, all the while the whole family can enjoy the pool, and build base tans before that end of summer getaway!

August Memberships - Come to Juniper Lane to be with your family and others who enjoy the dog days of summer.  The swim club offers a season's-end August Membership as an option to its Full Summer Membership. Get all of August and close out the summer with us through Labor Day weekend - tons of swimming pool fun to wrap up your families summer at a very reasonable rate.

Heck, compare the August membership cost to a few of the local clubs and see how our price stacks up.  Add in pop up events like Float Days, Movie and S'mores nights, Blaster Battles, Adult Cocktail Nights, Tastings, and more and see there is not a better way to finish of your summer.


Membership Comparisons

Compare the cost of membership to a few weekends at the beach and you will be astonished what a bargain joining Juniper Lane Swim Club is.  Plus think of all the travel time saved with the conveniences of being so close to home.

  Summer Bonded Summer Non-Bond Swim Team
August Only
Member Dues Cost 625 * 825 ** 600 ** 375 **
One-time Bond Cost 600 0 0 0
Guest Fee Deposit 0 60 60 60
2018 Season Daily Cost 7.35 @ 85 Days 9.71 @ 85 Days 12.00 @ 50 days 10.71 @ 35 days

*$75.00 Work Assessment fee is waived for new memberships. Existing members can earn a refund of the assessment fee by volunteering a few hours each season.
**Non-Bond Memberships are only available for one (1) season - if there is a Bond waiting list, Juniper Lane Swim Club may chose to offer an additional season of non-bond membership, on an as needed basis.


How to Join Juniper Lane Swim Club

If you think you have all the info you want and would like to apply for club membership now, please feel free to click the form links below.  You can download the Summer (Bond & Non-Bond) or one of the Partial Summer membership forms, fill it out on your computer, print & sign, then return it to our membership director or mail it to the JLSC Treasurer.

Summer Membership Form

Swim Team Membership Form

August Membership Form

If you need to discuss JLSC membership details, discuss options or need any additional information, please either
send an email to our Membership Director by clicking the email link
call us at 973-963-POOL (7665).

If you do not get someone directly, leave us a message and we will return your call ASAP.




Juniper Lane Swim Club is located at 541 Juniper Lane, Bridgewater, NJ 08807
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