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Revised 5/22/2022


The following rules have been established to ensure the safe and sanitary operation of the pool and facilities, and for the protection and benefit of all members. Parents must ensure that their children observe all rules and obey the instructions of the pool officials. The Board of Directors will make the final determination regarding whether or not an infraction of the rules has occurred and will assign penalties as authorized below or as called for in the Club Bylaws.

1.   Pool Hours

a.   Juniper Lane Swim Club will be open from 12:00PM - 8:00 PM

i.   All members and guests are to be off the pool deck by 8:15 PM to ensure lifeguards have adequate time to clean everything before it gets too dark

b.   The lifeguards will order an immediate evacuation of the pool in the event of lightning or thunder. Normal activities will not resume until 30 minutes after the last observation of lightning or thunder at the Pool Managers discretion

i.   In the event of thunder and/or lightning all members & guests must evacuate the pool deck and find shelter under the pavilion until the lifeguards have deemed safe to return to the pool

c.   Pool hours are subject to change throughout the summer in relation to timing of sunsets

d.   The pool may open late or close early due to severe weather

i.   An email or notification will go out to all members when this happens

ii.  The website will be updated to show the pool has been closed for weather

2.   Guests

a.   Daily Guest Fees:

  • Monday - Thursday: $5/pp

  • Friday - Sunday:

    • Persons 13+ yrs - $10​

    • Children aged 5-12 yrs - $5

    • Family (3+ guests) - Max $30

    • Kids under 5yrs are FREE

b.   Guest credits can be purchased in advance through Membersplash and added to your account for ease of use. If you plan to pay for guests at the pool, cash, Venmo, Zelle or check will be accepted. 

c.   Members may invite guests to the pool provided that they accompany their guests at all times 

d.   Members must sign-in their guests in via Member Splash with the staff at the club entrance. A member’s child age 13 or older may sign in a maximum of two guests ages 13 or older. Members shall be responsible for their guests’ activities and any damage caused by their guests.

e.   All guests are required to sign a Guest Waiver Form upon entrance to the pool. 


3.   Babysitting

a.   A babysitter may bring a member’s children to the pool provided that the babysitter is at least 13 years old, has written permission from the member, and stays with the children at all times. The babysitter must present the lifeguard with the permission note and must sign in as a guest


4.   Unattended Children

a.   Members’ unattended children must be at least 13 years old, must have signed Medical Consent forms and Behavior Agreements on file, and must pass a pool safety & swim test, administered by a lifeguard, before they will be allowed to stay at the pool without a parent, guardian or babysitter or full-time child care provider. An emergency telephone number must be given to the lifeguard if the parent of an unattended child will not be reachable at their home number

b.   All unattended children must sign in with their badge number at the front gate

c.   Children under 13 years old must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, babysitter or full-time child care provider

d.   Children using the “kiddie pool” must be accompanied by an adult at all times

e.   Please be aware that the JLSC Board of Directors and the Lifeguards do not assume any responsibility for any unattended children. Unattended children are at the pool at their own and their family’s risk

5.   Health, Safety & Courtesy to Others

a.   In all matters concerning safety, THE LIFEGUARD HAS THE FINAL JUDGEMENT

b.   Due to the prevalence of children, vehicles should use extreme caution when operating on the pool grounds

c.   Vehicles must also come to a full stop when exiting the grounds and must obey the speed limit on Juniper Lane

d.   Parking is not permitted on Juniper Lane

e.   The following are prohibited on the grounds:

i.   Pets 

ii.  Abusive language

f.   The following are prohibited in the fenced-in pool area:

i.   Smoking, food, drinks in glass containers & chewing gum 

ii.  Use of shampoo or soap in the shower area

iii. Running, pushing, wrestling, ball playing, horse play, water guns, lacrosse sticks and undue disturbances

iv.  Floats may only be used on designated float nights

g.   The following are prohibited in the pools:

i.   Persons with skin abrasions, colds, coughs, inflamed eyes, infections, communicable diseases or wearing bandages

ii.  Jumping or diving from the side of the diving area (deep end), without permission from the Lifeguards 

iii. Jumping or diving from ladders

iv. Sliding down railings

v.  Expectorating or blowing one’s nose

vi. “Chicken” fights and other rough play

vii. Disposable diapers

viii. Swimming aids, unless the non swimmer is accompanied IN THE POOL (not just on the wall or stairs) by an adult

ix.  Children that are not fully potty-trained are not allowed in the main pool (1 except as explained in Article VI, Section 9(d) of the Bylaws)

x.   Other activities perceived as unsafe by the lifeguards

xi.  Patrons may not climb/sit on the lifeguard stands or use their rescue tubes for recreational use

6.   Food, Grilling, and Drinks

a.   Food

i.   There will be no food inside the fenced area or pool deck

ii.  All food must be eaten in the grass area or under the pavilion

iii. When finished with food, you must clean up after yourself (i.e, throw away trash, put things in recycling)

iv.  Food may be stored in the refrigerator and freezer in the member room, however please be courteous to other members who may also need to use these appliances

b.   Grilling

i.   JLSC will provide lighter fluid, charcoal and lighters for our charcoal grills

ii.  Members must bring their own food, grilling tools and eating utensils, there is a sink with dish soap to clean anything you use. Please make sure you bring everything home or throw it away

iii. When done with grilling you must clean up the station i.e put charcoal back in the charcoal box, if cool shovel out ashes into disposable bins next to the grills

c.   Drinks

i.   All drinks inside the fence and pool deck need to be in a plastic container

ii.  All drinks in glass bottles or containers need to remain outside the gates

iii. All drinks in plastic containers inside the pool deck must be consumed away from the waters edge

iv.  There shall be ZERO drinks of any kind while in the pool 

v.   If drinking a from a bottle with a metal bottle cap, please make sure you dispose of it right away to ensure no other patron steps on it

d.   Alcoholic Beverage Consumption Policy on Pool Premises:

The Juniper Lane Swim Club (“JLSC”) does not manufacture, distribute, sell, serve, furnish or provide alcoholic beverages of any kind and does not have a license to do so. Members aged 21 years and over may bring alcoholic beverages to JLSC during normal operating hours for their own personal consumption and for the consumption of those in the Members’ party who are aged 21 years and over. Members who do so shall assume full responsibility for their consumption of alcoholic beverages on the Pool premises and for complying with the laws of the State of New Jersey regarding consumption of alcoholic beverages. Neither JLSC, nor its Board of Governors, shall bear responsibility for any injury, damage, loss, cost or expense resulting from, arising out of or related to the bringing of alcoholic beverages onto the Pool premises or the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the Pool Premises.


No glass containers (including glass containers in which an alcoholic beverage was originally bottled or sold) are permitted on pool deck. Intoxicated persons anywhere on JLSC premises will not be tolerated. Members and their guests who consume alcoholic beverages on JLSC premises, shall do so responsibly and shall refrain from conducting themselves in such manner as would constitute a nuisance to other JLSC Members, their guests, JLSC staff or any other person. Any person who is intoxicated, or is suspected of being intoxicated, shall be removed from JLSC premises by the pool manager or lifeguard on duty. Any Member who is removed from the JLSC premises for intoxication on more than one occasion shall be subject to having their membership terminated by the JLSC Board of Governors. If membership is revoked due to intoxication, the offending Member’s dues for that year shall be forfeit and JLSC shall have no obligation to refund any portion of that Member’s dues. Any guest who is removed from the JLSC premises for intoxication shall be banned and guest privileges may not be extended to that person by any Member for the remainder of the season.

7.   Deep End Test

a.   If a swimmer wishes to use the deep end they must pass the designated deep end swim test

b.   If the child is 12 or older they do not need to take the deep end test and may use the deep end at their own risk and swimming abilities

c.   The swimmer must swim from the stairs end of the pool to the 5 ft wall end across, then swim halfway to the lifeguard stand and tread water for 1 minute without  touching the length of the sidewall or the ground and without taking any breaks (if a parent/friend/caregiver is swimming with them in the water for encouragement they must not touch the swimmer taking the test)

d.   The swimmer must take the deep end swim test every year until they are 12 years old

e.   Swimmers on the swim team need to pass the deep end test AND wear their deep end bracelet if they choose to use the deep end

8.   Deep End Rules

a.   Children under the age of 12 must pass a Swim Test (above and posted at the pool) in order to use the deep end of the pool

b.   Diving board

i.   Only one person on the diving board at a time

ii.  All swimmers waiting in line for the diving board must stand on the concrete

iii.  No more than two bounces per dive on the diving board

iv.  Must jump straight out into the water as far as the swimmer can(may not jump diagonally or to one specific side)

v.   Once in the water the swimmer must swim to either wall with a ladder (not the wall under the diving board)

vi.  Must wait for the previous user of the diving board to swim to either wall before the next person my use the diving board

vii. When the diving board is open, all free-swimmers must stay on the walls of the deep end with a ladder within the 10-12 ft marking

viii. When the diving board is open, swimmers may not swim across the width of the pool without the lifeguard’s permission

ix.   If swimmers wish to close the diving board and swim around freely or open the diving board, they must ask permission of the lifeguard (majority rules if there are still swimmers wishing to use the diving board or users swimming around freely)

x.   When the diving board is open only Diving Block #5 may be open and free to use by all swimmers

xi.   When the diving board is closed, you must ask for the lifeguard’s permission to open up the remaining diving blocks

xii.  All swimmers using the diving board MUST listen and obey the lifeguard on duty… if the user is perceived to be unsafely jumping off the diving board the lifeguard has the authority to tell the user to change the way they are jumping or to stop using the diving board

c.   Slide

i.   There may only be two users up at the top platform of the slide at a time

ii.  If there are two swimmers up on the platform, all other swimmers waiting must stay at the bottom of the stairs on the concrete

iii. Every swimmer must slide down the slide feet first face up

iv.  Swimmers are not permitted to stop in or at the bottom of the slide

v.   Once in the water the user must swim directly under the rope and may NOT swim back under the rope into the deep end

vi.  All swimmers must wait for the previous user of the slide to swim under the rope before the next person my go

9.   Miscellaneous

a.   All swimmers must swim between the 10 ft marking and 12 ft marking on BOTH sides of the deep end walls

b.   All swimmers wishing to go from the shallow end to the deep end must exit the water and WALK to the deep end and jump in past the 10 ft mark

c.   All swimmers wishing to go from the deep end to the shallow end must either use the slide and follow the slide rules or exit the deep end within the 10-12 ft mark range and WALK over to the shallow end

d.   All swimmers in the deep end are allowed to use Diving Block #5 while the diving board is open, but must not pass the 10 ft mark

e.   All swimmers may NOT go behind either ladder while in the pool

f.    All swimmers under the age of 12 in the deep end must wear their designated deep end bracelet before entering the deep end - even if on the swim team (if forgotten the swimmer must ask the lifeguard to borrow one)

g.   If the lifeguard on duty believes that the users of the deep end are not being safe or courteous to the other users of the deep end the lifeguard has the authority to sit out the user in question

h.   At the discretion of the lifeguards, the diving board and slide may be closed and the area may be used for other games.  If, during a game, 2 or more people request to use the diving board, the current game must end within 15 minutes to allow for the user of the diving board

10.  General Precautions

a.   All persons using the pools and grounds do so at their own risk. The Club will not be responsible for any accident or injury in connection with the use of the pools or facilities. The Club is not responsible for damage to personal property

b.   The lifeguards, as representatives of the Board of Directors are responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of the rules. Any member having a dispute with a lifeguard’s ruling must first obey the lifeguard and then bring the matter to the attention of the Board

11.   Infractions

a.   The punitive actions for minor infractions of the rules are as follows:

i.   First Offense: warning

ii.  Second Offense: restriction from the pools for 30 minutes

iii.  Third Offense: restriction from the pools for the day & parental notification by the Board President or designated Board member.

iv.  Parents of unattended children will be contacted and asked to immediately remove their child from the pool.

v.   Major infractions of these rules will be addressed by the Board of Directors in accordance with the Bylaws.

These rules may be revised, modified or expanded at any time by the Board of Directors. A copy of these rules will be posted on the bulletin board. Any changes will be posted immediately upon approval by the Board.

Pool Hours
Unattended Children
Health, Safety & Courtesy
Food, Grilling, Drinks
Deep End Test
Deep End Rules
Diving Board
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