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COVID-19 Resource Center

Juniper Lane Swim Club COVID-19 Pool Operation Prevention Plan (CPOPP)


This document was developed in accordance with the NJ Department of Health New Jersey COVID-19 Outdoor Pool Health and Safety Standards and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance on operating and managing public pools and hot tubs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The intent of this document is to outline the measures and safeguards that will be taken at the Juniper Lane Swim Club to ensure a safe work place for the staff and patrons. This document has been submitted to and accepted by the Township of Bridgewater, prior to the pool's 2020 season opening date on June 27, 2020.

Letter to Members regarding COVID-19, and plans to open for the season

This letter signal's the boards intention to open for the 2020 season in accordance with the guidelines in the CPOPP, above. During the off-season, the board received outreach from the membership expressing an overwhelming desire to open the pool - with any government guidelines in place - for those who wish to use the facilities this summer. There were also some concerned members who do not wish to use the pool this year, and arrangements are being made 1:1 with those members to accommodate their needs.


COVID-19 Waiver

All members, whether bonded or non-bonded, will be required to sign the COVID-19 waiver prior to using the pool or grounds for the 2020 season. This waiver is each member family's certification of their understanding of the new procedures put in place this summer as a result of COVID-19, and to commit to adherence to these procedures and precautions to help reduce the spread or risk of exposure to COVID-19. It also signals the understanding that using the pool and/or grounds of JLSC is at one's own risk and completely voluntary, and any additional risk that may stem from COVID-19 concerns is not the responsibility of JLSC, its staff, board, or owners. Members are also accepting these conditions on behalf of any guests they bring to the pool.

Visit the COVID-19 Procedures page for more information related to new rules for the 2020 season to ensure all members and guests are adhering to current safety, sanitizing and social distancing practices

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